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Women’s and Men’s Steampunk Fashion

The steampunk fashion trend combines Victorian-era styles with futuristic features such as gears and cogs. Corsets, waist cinchers and goggles are popular accessories for women while men often wear top hats and pocket watches.

A steampunk costume can be worn for a themed party or convention. Rebels Market has a number of high quality steampunk clothing pieces that will help you create a classic adventurer persona.


Corsets are the main item of women’s clothing in steampunk fashion. They are tight fitting and laced up tightly to create a shapely hourglass figure. They can also be trimmed with lace and ribbons to make them look more feminine.

Traditionally, men would wear three-piece suits consisting of a jacket, waistcoat and trousers that were fastened with laces. They could be trimmed with flounces or a belt, and they often wore leather gloves.

This gothic steampunk brown/black floral design waistcoat and cravat outfit comes with a brass barbwire skull tiepin, working police copper distressed whistle and self fabric mask. It is ideal for depicting a detective like persona. It is made from brocade fabric. The material is high in quality and adds sheen to the look of the outfit.


Skirts are a common fashion accessory in steampunk attire for women. They can be made from a variety of materials like leather, velvet and lace to create a Victorian look with a modern twist. They can also be embellished with metal gears or chains to add a touch of the futuristic element.

These skirts are ideal for steampunk-themed rock school parties, pirate renaissance fairs and casual parties. They can be paired with corsets, tops and jackets to assume different steampunk personas.

Corsets can be worn under or over the bust and gloves are a common sight. A woman wearing a steampunk skirt can become an adventurer, air pirate or explorer. A more roguish version of the outfit can be achieved by adding a top hat and a pistol.


Women’s Steampunk attire is characterized by corsets and other waist cinchers. They are the perfect way to add Victorian elegance and a sexy element to any outfit. A Steampunk pocket watch is another great accessory to complete the look.

Men’s Steampunk fashion often takes on a roguish or adventurous tone. They may dress in long coats or tweeds with vests and pantaloons. They can also choose to wear a top hat with or without lace.

Steampunk style was influenced by 19th century Victorian culture and also incorporated aspects of industrial design. This unique blend of styles gave birth to a distinctive fashion movement that has made its mark in the high fashion industry. It was first popularized by science fiction authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and has been represented in a variety of movies, television shows, and video games.


Jewelry is a big part of steampunk style. Whether you wear it with a Victorian blouse, leather pants, top hat, or a replica firearm, these trinkets help to create a unique look.

Steampunk jewellery often features gears, watch parts and other metal ephemera. They often have a vintage feel and are usually intricately designed. The jewellery also often features monocles, charms and cameos.

Some pieces of jewellery use fabric to add a more feminine touch to the outfit. For example, the Minerva’s Folly cuff (see page 54) uses netting like you might find in a tutu. It adds a softness that helps to balance out the hard, grungy elements of the style. Leather is also used in men’s steampunk fashion to give it a rugged, worn look.


Accessories can make or break your steampunk fashion. These accessories include goggles, monocles, hats and chains. These are all essential items for the steampunk enthusiast and can help you achieve your desired look. They can also be used as costume pieces to complete your neovictorian inspired outfit.

A good way to accessorize your steampunk attire is by wearing a corset vest pirate bodice. This attire can be used for pirate renaissance fairs, fashion shows or casual parties. It is available in different color and styles to suit a wide variety of personas.

Another popular accessory is the steampunk top hat. This hat combines the traditional Victorian trend with a steampunk theme, and is usually decorated with gears, cogs and other mechanical elements. This hat can be worn with a pirate costume or on its own.




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