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Top 5 1st Anniversary Gifts

For your 1st Anniversary Gifts, give your other half a gift that’s personal and sentimental. This personalised photo book of their favourite moments together ticks all the boxes.

Nurture their green thumbs with a rose garden or raised vegetable patch and help them create their own little piece of paradise in the comfort of their home.

1. Flowers

As the traditional first anniversary gift, flowers are always a great option. Try dark red carnations that symbolize affection, or pink poppies that encourage success and imagination.

The classic rose is a beautiful flower for any anniversary. However, if you’re looking for something unique, this dusty pink poppies and ruscus bouquet is sure to impress.

2. Clocks

Clocks are the modern gift tradition for the first anniversary. They represent the beginning stages of a marriage and are the perfect symbol of your growth together.

If you’re looking for a practical first anniversary gift, consider this sunrise alarm clock to help them kick their smartphone habits and wake up naturally. It can be customized with their names and wedding date for a special touch.

3. Sundials

Traditionally the first anniversary gift is paper so why not get them something that’s both practical and sentimental with this gorgeous sundial. They’ll love being able to mark all their adventures with this fun piece of decor.

You can also add a special personalized anniversary date line or moment mark to make it truly unique. It’s a one of a kind gift that they’ll treasure for years to come!

4. Stationery

Paper is the traditional one-year anniversary gift material, so go all out with this elevated stationery set. You can personalize it with their names and wedding date, then add a thoughtful message to make them smile every time they use it.

For the couple who loves to travel, give them this cool map that lets them mark all their adventures together. The framed print also includes their names and wedding date for a special touch.

5. Books

A classic gift for a first anniversary, books offer many romantic and playful options. A few popular ideas include wall art, memory books and stationery.

Give your loved one a heartfelt keepsake to read through each year. This book includes sweet messages tucked in decorative envelopes they can open a day at a time or all at once!

If you know a couple that loves to travel this personalized push pin world map is perfect for them. It allows them to track their adventures together over the years.

6. Jewelry

If you and your spouse are big fans of pretty little things, this heartfelt 1st anniversary gift idea is for you. These delicate origami crane bird earrings embody the enduring symbol of luck and good fortune.

Gold is the traditional gift material for year one, so look for lustrous bijoux that sparkle. For a modern twist, consider this sleek smart ring that helps them track their wellness metrics.

7. Museums

A museum is an institution that collects and displays cultural heritage. Museums vary in their philosophies and scope. Some have encyclopedic collections, others have specific topics like art or archaeology.

Recently, museums have been under renewed scrutiny. Issues around diversity and community engagement have been highlighted. There is also a push to make museums more open and inclusive. Museums change lives.

8. Poems

Poems are a classic way to wish your loved ones a happy anniversary. Whether you add them to your gift or cards, they’re sure to touch their heart.

This anniversary poem congratulates the couple while speaking of the difference one year can make. It’s ideal for a first wedding anniversary card.

9. Gold

The traditional gift theme for the first anniversary is paper. This year, treat your sweetie to a gold-themed gift that’s both practical and meaningful.

A framed photo of their wedding venue is a sweet, contemporary take on the traditional gift. This personalized version includes their names and wedding date and will make an extra-special addition to their gallery wall. It also makes a great desk or bedroom decor piece.

10. Luggage

The Nordstrom luggage sale (which inevitably coincides with this anniversary) is the best time to score a new carry-on for them. They’ll love this sleek, classic style.

If they’re traveling lovers, this push pin world travel map lets them mark all the countries they’ve been to together and plan their next adventure. Add their names, wedding date and a meaningful quote for a personal touch.




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