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Do You Have The Guts To Play The Minecraft Godzilla DLC?

The Godzilla DLC for Minecraft features four multiplayer episodes in which you need to escape the monster and defend the city.

U7Buy offers cheap Minecraft accounts for sale to all interested players and game fans! Minecraft players beware! One of the greatest crossovers in history is now available in your favorite sandbox voxel-based game. Godzilla is getting the blocky treatment. The King of Monsters is here and it will smash your world to blocks. Will you let that happen? The new Minecraft Godzilla DLC is developed by Team KYO and Impress. Straight from Japan, this is one adventure you cannot miss.

What to Expect From the Minecraft Godzilla DLC

The DLC begins in a nice and cozy setting. We are talking about a cinema. This is how most of us met the terrible monster for the first time. The difference is that now we will do more than just munch on popcorn and other movie theater snacks while the most famous of the kaiju has its way around Tokyo. This cinema is all about Godzilla. First, we have an introduction that reminds us what we are up against. Also known as the King of the Monsters, Godzilla is a gigantic, prehistoric sea monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation. Towering over cities with its massive stature, Godzilla is characterized by its distinctive reptilian appearance, featuring rugged, charcoal-gray scales, sharp dorsal plates along its back, and a set of powerful, destructive claws. The character of Godzilla has undergone various reinterpretations over the years, appearing in numerous films, television series, and other forms of media. Now, we need to gather some friends as this is not one enemy we can face alone.

The Minecraft Godzilla DLC Features Four Adventures

Once you have reacquainted with the Godzilla, you are invited to step into the screening rooms. This is where you can take part in the four adventures, or game episodes, that make up the DLC. Each mode is different from the other. However, they have one thing in common: the reptilian monster that will give you and your buddies a hard but fun time. The first episode is an escape scenario. You play the part of a resident who must fight for their life. Godzilla came to your city and it is not the friendliest of guests. You must run and take cover else its heat rays will get you. Provisions can be found and you must take advantage of them. The goal is to escape with your life, but if you are feeling like a superhero, you should know that your efforts won’t go unnoticed. If you rescue other citizens you will get some points for your troubles. Take some time before the second adventure begins. The next episode will task you with defending the city. Can you do that? You’d better if you want to complete the scenario. It seems that only a wall can keep the monster at bay. You need to enclose Godzilla and prevent it from bringing ruin to the city. Once you’ve caged it, you can explore a bit and maybe even have a go at the entrapped creature. By the way, did you know that you can buy Minecraft gift cards online from U7Buy?




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